Influenced by Jacky’s public development, I’m throwing my own working-in-progress out there. Not livestreaming my coding, though, nobody wants to see that.

I’ll be putting a new repo up on Gitlab real soon now. So far it’s not much, though I have a lot of other code waiting to get converted over from JSON files to RDF database store.

What it does right now: is the library, and is mostly a conglomeration of helper functions and syntactic sugar, over a Postgres-based RDF::Trine store. (When Attean gets a little more mature, I’ll probably switch over.)

Although RDF can store some complicated structures, nothing Wirebird builds so far is more complicated than what can be described in basic JSON-LD. So for speed, most of the HTML and whatnot is built and served by slurping up the static JSON file.

The library is doing some basic RESTful verb handling. The framework for validating incoming data is in place but not doing anything yet (the inline comments address some of this). As I described in my first post on the subject the nature of REST+structured data means the generic handler can just Do The Right Thing without special custom coding, at least within a user-controlled space.

For times when a little customization is needed, such as when an authenticated user is trying to POST something outside the user’s directory, the library has a plugin system. Each plugin will have a subroutine where it examines the JSON file for that url and comes back with a priority bid. So maybe you post a sioc:Weblog to a sioc:SubscriptionList. The plugin for generically posting sioc:Item to sioc:Container throws a lowball bid, but the one specifically for Weblogs to SubscriptionLists says “YES THAT IS MINE!”. Same goes for rendering - generically the library looks for a template that matches the @type of the data, but a plugin could easily say “You know what, this is an Inbox and not just any old streams:OrderedCollection, use a custom template.”

Anyway. Not much of this is specifically relevant to the first step but you know, gotta build on a solid foundation.

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