Still not a lot of code change today, again in part because of lack of time and because I’ve been doing more reading than writing. Here’s what’s been occupying me, and why.

Learning SPARQL

On the one hand, SPARQL (“sparkle,” don’t @ me) is the real power that storing everything in RDF trines gives. On the other hand, there’s some tension in that I want to keep Wirebird lean enough to run in the background of a desktop machine, or on a Raspberry Pi, or even directly on a phone. Still, I want to be able to call on it for special things like search requests and such, so I’ve been reading Learning SPARQL.

Programming the Semantic Web

I’ve also been reading Programming the Semantic Web which is a little depressing since it keeps referring to services that don’t exist anymore (it’s a 2009 edition). And all its examples are in Python, which… I really don’t want to change horses midstream, but Python just keeps coming up as a good thing to know.

Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist: Effective Modeling in RDFS and OWL

Up next is Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist which I haven’t actually looked into yet, but the subtitle sounds promising.

(Those Amazon links are affiliate ones. Fun fact: I’ve had that affiliate link for ten years or so and have yet to reach the minimum for a payout.)

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