Still doing a lot of reading, but also doing a little coding.

I’ve been treating the RDF store(s) a bit like a key/value store rather than getting into any more depth, and to an extent that won’t change just yet. But I’ve been thinking about how Wirebird::Resource needs to handle its data, and I’ve made some changes.

The authoritative store is an RDF::Trine::Store::DBI (in my case, Postgres-backed, but it doesn’t really care - in fact, it could be a remote store or whatever). For performance reasons, Wirebird::Resource pulls in a memory version of that. It’s been a hashref (kind of JSON-LD) but I’m also playing around with using an RDF::Trine::Model based on a memory store. So right now it’s got all kinds of things in there since the original versions of all the Wirebird::Resource subroutines are still in waiting to be cleaned up.

The progress toward a minimal feed reader is a little slow at the moment. Technically, you can submit an url into the form, but it doesn’t get very far - it will announce in console that it’s found an XML::Feed, but doesn’t process it just yet. That’ll be the next step, along with the subroutine cleanup.

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