If you’ve been following the repo, you may have noticed the disappearance of Birdfeeder.pl, the script that builds the test database. All that has been rolled into a test script, which makes me feel a lot better about it. It’s not really robust testing yet, but it at least does some very basic recapitulation of what’s going on so far, and will let me know if anything obviously stops working.

Per yesterday’s musing about shadow profiles I just-for-fun decided to add an email address to the local-user profile it builds for me, and it faithfully matched up the blog and put my name in the byline. This should be no surprise to me, but it’s still gratifying. One of the dev Slacks I’m in had a recent comment by a newbie developer about being surprised/excited when something trivial runs on the first try, and asking if that surprise/excitement ever wore off. The answer was, collectively, “a little but it still happens every now and then.

I also added my Mastodon account, as a regular feed. Masto provides both Atom and RSS, so just for fun I have decided to subscribe to both. Ideally, Wirebird will recognize that they’re two feeds for the same site, but Mastodon uses different link formats so I end up with duplicate entries. They’ll both canonicalize to the same base url if Wirebird retrieves the page instead of just the feed entry, so that’s another point in favor of doing that. The Atom feed does include the RSS-style link as an alternate, so that’s probably another thing Wirebird::Handler::XMLFeed should deal with… and a pretty good argument for splitting Atom and RSS handling, since XML::Feed flattens the two into least-common-denominator.

Mastodon also includes some very extensive profile information in the Atom feed, which is pretty neat. The rss feed has zero author information at all, which I guess makes it still useful for testing purposes.

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