My development environment these days is a Raspberry Pi 3B+, which is rather depressingly close to the specs of my regular desktop machine. It lives out in the media room, hooked up to the TV, on the network via wifi, and I have it crosslinked to my desktop machine via sshfs. Just by way of keeping my environment consistent, I use Geany to edit it regardless of which keyboard I’m at.

The Perl run environment is on the Pi, by way of keeping me honest as far as performance goes - inefficient code makes itself felt very quickly. Disk access is the most noticeable.

All of which is a lengthy excuse for why I’m just now getting around to installing Perl::Critic. Perltidy has been around but not reliably used (“get it running in Geany” is off on the yak-shaving list).

Perlcritic caught a missing “use strict” in one library, but otherwise I passed -gentle with flying colors. -stern was a whole different matter, but it now almost passes -harsh which, honestly, is as far as I’m likely to go. The one exception is Wirebird::Handler::XMLFeed::pollSubscription() which accuses of high complexity and… it’s not wrong. That subroutine is one big TODO on several levels.

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