So this happened:

I took that as a sign to quit doing my logging with “print” statements. Most of those are now either converted to Log4perl or deleted. I admit to some laziness because Wirebird doesn’t do any other printing, so it’s always been something I can easily grep for. But, okay, it is kind of nice to just flip the flag and not have it chattering at me.

Perlcritic is complaining, again rightly, that Wirebird::Remote::XML’s _nodehash is a big nest of elsifs. Other than that, and some missing documentation, things are pretty clean to close out the week.

The commit is rather lengthy because I have been reducing the number of external calls. Turns out FontAwesome, which isn’t even used yet, is a considerable number of files. It also probably shouldn’t be embedded in the repo, so eventually I’ll get around to gitignoring it.

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