(must not make obvious Marvel joke must not make obvious Marvel joke)

I had looked at Hydra awhile back, but the four-year-old “latest” blog post on their W3C page and list of talks that end around then too had me assuming it was YA inactive project. Ran across a link to it, dug a little deeper, and turns out it’s still being developed.

Hydra is adding some vocabulary to improve on inferring an API from machine-readable standards. Some of this duplicates what’s already available, such as allowing a client to figure out what http actions are available for a given URL - but it allows discovery from a triple-store query instead of having to make an http request and examining the headers. Other parts explicitly lay out, for instance, the type of resource a particular url expects for a request, and what it will return. Hydra definitely earns a place in the sidebar list of this blog.

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