I mentioned Solid in an earlier post and have been poking through its various applications off and on. It is essentially the same principles I laid out for Wirebird in the first post so I feel kinda validated: it’s not just some kind of 2008 idea that everybody has already tried and discarded and I’m just late to the party on.

Tim Berners-Lee, Web Developer

Vanity Fair(?!) had an interview with Sir Tim yesterday, brought to my attention by Eugen after a one-hour interview with him was boiled down to, well:

One hour, one sentence

No real code changes today; it is my birthday and also the day before we ship son across the country to visit an uncle and aunt so we’ve taken a day off. But now that I more-or-less have feed polling happening, getting it serving Turtle et al is the next priority - and doing so in a solid-compliant manner.

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