It has been a week for working on Wirebird in five- and ten-minute increments, with insufficient sleep, and it shows.

I’ve never been happy with the Dancer2 server passing things to Wirebird::Resource->create() as a RDF::Trine::Model in part because I have to predeclare the subject URL of the created triples. But I didn’t want to pass the Dancer object because I didn’t want Wirebird::Resource to be Dancer-dependent (since it’s called from non-web processes already). But then I decided, good grief, I’m already overloading the $parms variable in a way-too-hacky manner. Sometimes it’s a Resource object, sometimes it’s a naked URL, sometimes it’s a Model… yeah, that’s really getting bad.

So now it’s going to accept proper named parameters, but the changeover is entirely incomplete.

In other cleanup news, I’ve fully moved Plerd to the Cruzer, and the Pi is powered down. Soon, possibly this weekend, I’ll get around to fully installing it in its little case so that it’s entirely portable. Then I can just pop the Cruzer into it as a somewhat eccentric laptop.

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