I started writing a test suite for a Linked Data Platform server, by way of getting my head around all the requirements and what they are for. Lacking an LDP server to test the test against, I started running it against solid.community and pretty quickly ran up against the wall of needing a WebID to authenticate with before actually getting any Turtle files. So logically the next thing to do was to start running a WebID server of my own.

This led to needing an Internet-accessible server, which in turn led me to decide I was going to set aside a week (or so) to install all the extant Solid tools, so I could decide how much of the wheel I wanted to reinvent and how much I could lean on existing stuff. Which led me to… install node.js.

Spoiler alert: it did not go well.

After wasting most of a day, I ranted a bit in the node-solid-server Gitter channel and learned that what I should have done was skip everything nodejs.org says and install node via nvm. Which, if you search for it, just looks like some rando’s Github package, but turns out is essential to getting all the permissions installed correctly. That’s now done, and the next step is to configure the Solid server, and then think about what I’m going to set up in the way of a WebID server. Pretty sure node-solid doesn’t handle that itself, but I guess I’ll find out… tomorrow.

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