I decided to stop fighting with getting nginx to reverse proxy for the which, node-solid-server and punched a hole in the firewall to talk directly to it. This made my errors a little clearer, and I realized I was still pointing to the self-signed cert I had created for single-user mode. Whoops! Turned out that wasn’t the only cert problem though, because as soon as I created a WebID I remembered that NSS does that by prepending your username and my URL was ending up something like https://gamehawk.garuda.phoenyx.net:8443/profile/card#me which, on top of being unwieldy, requires wildcarding in both cert and DNS, neither of which I have going on at the moment.

Shoving the thing into my /etc/hosts manually and clicking through Firefox’s cert complaint let me view it, but then I realized that to actually make any changes means (I think) the server is going to have to validate the WebID, which it does by connecting to itself - so it’s going to need both cert and DNS to be valid.

I think tomorrow I’ll go back to nginx, and see if I can get it to serve both static pages and NSS. If I can do that, I can install the whole shebang on the live phoenyx.net server, and do the wildcard from there.

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