ArtisanChat Fediblocks

Defederation list for Artisan.Chat

The site that got themselves suspended here on their “” instance by being clueless enough to federate with edgelords has now added “,” where they came to my attention by spamming hundreds upon hundreds of accounts.

The identical post sent to each one was begging for boosts on a post advertising that they would teach people “intermediate and advanced” Mastodon skills. Really taking the “those who can't do, teach” thing to heart.

Anyway, can't tell if they're sincere but incompetent, or grifters preying on non-profits, but they're not doing it on Artisan Chat.


Based on this post I'm going to set us to “reject all media” from, with no other block. This means to see media from their posts, you'll have to go direct to their site. Your client will probably do this for you, so if you see anything untoward in the fedline or on hashtag searches, let me know and I will also silence the site (which means if you see anything from them, it should be because you follow someone there).

I've silenced after a report on went unresponded to for 24 hours. After looking over the local timeline can't tell if it's undermoderated or the moderator(s) don't mind being a haven for conspiracists.


Although our bot hasn't acquired enough data to officially classify it as an edgelord, its admin is posting enough anti-trans and homophobic stuff that I'm going to go ahead and manually suspend

Adding to our fediblock list; it's a mirror of fedi accounts rather than Twitter. This type of instance can only serve one or both of two purposes: letting people follow despite being blocked by the account-holder, or accumulating followers for resale.

The admin of has posted an extensive blog post explaining that he doesn't want to kick neo-nazis and the like off his platform because they might improve their views if they aren't silenced. I wish I was exaggerating, but here you go:

I suspect his views will change shortly, but if they don't, we'll probably move to a full suspend.

  • – On probation
  • – On probation
  • – On probation
  • – Coordinated inauthentic follow behavior
  • – Inadequate moderation
  • – Inadequate moderation
  •, – Incompetent moderation
  • – Elekk moderator magicalmilly has apologized for harassing an entire Black instance off fedi, but remains moderator.
  • – Trolling from the official account (yes, I'm as disappointed in them as you are)

The “probation” sites are ones I've inherited from other blocklists at site launch, but where people requested to access them and so I've bumped them up to mere silencing since the scanner hasn't reported anything worthy of full defederation.

There are some sites I've been requested but declined to remove, and there are a number of sites I am still reviewing that will probably get bumped to silencing. Many of them were probably added to the blocklist when it was an all-or-nothing deal, and we have finer control these days. And many have just learned from early mistakes.

Mirroring popular Twitter accounts leads to their account owners going “oh no, I'm not coming to a network that has such a terrible impersonation issue” meaning all we ever get are the imitations. Defederate on sight.

(Seirdy keeps a more complete list here: )

added 2023/0/20:

may have committed a little light treason copyright infringement