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OVH Issues

Hugo reports that OVH is having some service degradation, which means is having some service degradation, which means is having some service degradation.

So far no actual outages that I've seen (though other MastoHosties are having some), since we're kind of overprovisioned. Our background queues are backing up, though, so things are taking extra time to get delivered, timelines are slow to update, etc.

Hugo's keeping an eye on it for us.

18:14EST Update: OVH has rolled out a fix and our queues are dropping back to zero.

After weeks of waiting, we finally got the go-ahead from the US Copyright Office to post this magic incantation on our About page:

Our DMCA Registration Number is DMCA-1043892. DMCA Section 512 notices may be submitted using this form.

Sadly, we can't really make use of the reinstatement-on-appeal part of the DMCA, but that's a feature the software will have in the future.


(Yes, I should track down the Paypal and Stripe payouts to get the exact Ko-Fi amount.)


That leaves us somewhere south of $90 (especially after Paypal fees) going into December. The Ko-Fi is almost all one-off for the LLC/POB, and we're about to get another Patreon round in a few days, which will put us at about $180 (unless a bunch of people cancel). That'll cover the next month of hosting plus the $75 end-of-year LLC report, with a little cushion left over.

Artisan.Chat is up and running!