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After weeks of waiting, we finally got the go-ahead from the US Copyright Office to post this magic incantation on our About page:

Our DMCA Registration Number is DMCA-1043892. DMCA Section 512 notices may be submitted using this form.

Sadly, we can't really make use of the reinstatement-on-appeal part of the DMCA, but that's a feature the software will have in the future.


(Yes, I should track down the Paypal and Stripe payouts to get the exact Ko-Fi amount.)


That leaves us somewhere south of $90 (especially after Paypal fees) going into December. The Ko-Fi is almost all one-off for the LLC/POB, and we're about to get another Patreon round in a few days, which will put us at about $180 (unless a bunch of people cancel). That'll cover the next month of hosting plus the $75 end-of-year LLC report, with a little cushion left over.

Artisan.Chat is up and running!